Deckie B bootleg trades


Current Trading Status:  PAUSED (Will resume again but too busy at the minute)

I am an Irish DVD trader and I am always interested in a trade so, if you see something you like in my list, Do feel free to contact me at:


Broadband speeds are slightly better these days so I am more than happy to do ON-LINE trades but still have the love of a bag of DVDs arriving in the letterbox (ah, the good old days of Snailmail haha)

This site is as much or a reference for me to keep track of what I have as it is a shop window so for that reason you will see some OFFICIAL DVDs listed. Officials are NFT, mearly so I know what I have and what I don't

I don't collect Cover Art, so I don't ask for it or offer it (Sorry, I know some do collect it too)

Thanks for visiting